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Pretend Play-How To Use It?

OH NOOOOOO!!!!! Look Out! Here comes the Dinosaurs! Children will gladly watch videos all day if you let them, but how does that help? They will only be able to see and hear the information being given to them. They don’t have to think of the next move to make or what the next scene […]

Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Or Without Your Family

If you listened to the audio recording, you would know it would pertain to nature, as you could hear birds in the background. Exploring the outdoors is very important to developing minds and those who just love to be outside. It provides one with a change of scenery from our world of technology. Sometimes we […]

The Power Of Comfort Objects

  Have you ever been in a situation where you were: anxious, fearful, uneasy, upset, stressed out depressed, or other feelings that can be distressing? I know I have! All of these emotions share many things in common but the one I will be writing about is loss of control. Seek Control Only To Lose […]

How To Make Edible Slime – The Nontoxic Way

Slime can get really messy and can be complicated to make if you don’t know what to do. I am here to make it easy enough for you to do this with your child, with your friend, or whomever. This is a great and easy slime recipe for kids as long as there is an […]

Ways To Introduce Toddlers To Finger Painting

Finger painting can be really fun and allows one to express themselves without words. It is beneficial to both adults and children. However, not everyone enjoys the texture of paint and some people may not like the idea of getting messy on purpose. Over the years of working with children and adults in the autism […]

Fun Indoor Games To Play With Kids- My Top 3, Ready?

  Oh my goodness! You’re trapped indoors? The world is over!!! Ugh! How dramatic… Sometimes we may find ourselves at home with children or adults for that matter on a rainy day. I am here to tell you not to fret because I believe I have the solution. Now first and foremost, I have said […]

How To Make Bubbles With Dish Soap

Bubbles are extremely fun and mysterious to watch as they always find themselves in a circular state. They look like transparent floating balloons, but when popped get’s your fingers wet. It’s an awesome product to work with when teaching a child or an adult wet or dry items. It also assists in the understanding of […]

Is Sensory Play Really Important For Learning?

    Yes… Babies, toddlers, preteens, teens, and adults can benefit from sensory play all the while having fun. It can assist with the awareness of one’s senses, opening the mind to new ways of learning, organized play, and understanding not everyone enjoys the same product or activities. Read on and I will explain to […]

About O’Rama

Welcome to SENSORY TOYS AND MORE. I am ecstatic that you decided to visit. If you’re tired of being lost in the sea of information, I have made it easier for you. I have created a space where you can find all things sensory. Enjoy the adventure! With my experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis and […]