Glow In The Dark Slime Recipe That’s Also Edible

Halloween is around the corner and oh do I have a surprise for you! Today, you will be learning how to make edible glow in the dark slime with only TWO ingredients. First things first, it will be messy. Be sure to wear cloths that you don’t care about and work in an area that is cleared of anything important. Just find an empty table and do your thing! If you’re more of a visual learner, watch the video below.


Diet tonic water

Corn starch

Black light

One part tonic water to two part cornstarch. You can add more or less of the cornstarch depending on how runny you want it to appear.


In a small mixing bow, add the tonic water. Mix in the corn starch a little at a time until, it is too thick to mix with a spoon. When it gets too thick, you should mix with your hands. Once the mixture is completely blended together, you’re done… Or are you?

Let There Be Darkness

After you have created the slime, if you turn off the light to see it shine, you will not see it glow. You would need a black light. Now, I’m a cheap and lazy person at times. I didn’t want to go shopping for a black light. I decided to make my own black light using the flash on the back of my android phone. What would I have to do?

I would need clear tape and a blue sharpie.


Cut a small amount of tape and place it over the cell phone flashlight

Use the blue sharpie to color over the flashlight where the tape was placed

Add another piece of tape over that

Repeat steps 1-3 twice if it doesn’t work with just one.

What You Can Do With The Slime

This slime is really cool because it doesn’t feel how it looks. It is really hard when you put your fingers in it and when you pull your finger out, it immediately begins to slide down. It is like the solution that is used to make paper machete as it can cling to objects. I actually put it on my hands and face and it stayed on.

If you want accents of flown in the dark slime around your home, smear it on a desk, put some in clear containers, or if you’re really up for the clean up, put some on your walls. Clean up, is very easy. All you need is a wet cloth and it will wipe away. Store your slime at room temperature.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions or comments, please share them below.

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