How To Make Bubbles With Dish Soap

Bubbles are extremely fun and mysterious to watch as they always find themselves in a circular state. They look like transparent floating balloons, but when popped get’s your fingers wet. It’s an awesome product to work with when teaching a child or an adult wet or dry items. It also assists in the understanding of something that was once there but has disappeared. First things first, not everyone can make an enormous soap bubble like our clown friend above, so I will show you the basics on a smaller scale. Keep reading to learn more.

3, 2, 1 – PRESTO!

Guess what? It only takes a few steps to make bubbles. Why not make it into an interactive activity? Let’s go!
Here is what you’ll need:

You just need to mix one part soap and four part water together and, there you have it! Soap bubbles!!!! There are many other ways to accomplish this. You can add: corn syrup, glycerin, or sugar to your mix to contribute to the length of time the bubbles can maintain their form.

I always opt for just the water and liquid soap when making soap bubbles because I usually don’t have the other items on hand or in my home.

To store your mixture, you can pour it into an: empty bubble container, a jar, or a water bottle.

I hope you found this post informative. If you’d like to share your soap bubble making experiences with me and others, feel free to comment. If you have any questions for me, I am here and ready to answer. Until next time…

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