My review of Playskool Sit ‘N Spin Toy – Let’s Spin On!

Product Name: Playskool Play Favorites Sit ‘n Spin Toy

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If you read the about me page, you would know that I have worked with both children and adults on the autism spectrum. However, no matter how fun the Playskool Sit n’ Spin is, an adult can never enjoy it as much as a little child can. Believe me, I have tried and failed miserably. I am 4″11′ and I demonstrated to a two year old how to use it once. Now, that was a sight to be seen and I am glad only his eyes saw that! Right after I demonstrated how to utilize the product, he climbed on top and away he went. He just got it!

What makes Playskool’s Sit ‘n Spin so great?

  • It is light
  • It does not take up too much space
  • No sharp edges so one really can’t get hurt using the item
  • One can use their body to control the speed in which he/she is spinning on it
  • Serves several functions
  • Simple to use

What are the short comings?

  • It is light so it can be flipped over
  • Child may get bored with the product quickly
  • Child may play with the items inappropriately (Example: using their hand to spin the product and observing it spin only while refusing to sit on it)

There really aren’t that many negative things I can say about this product. I actually really love using it with my kiddos in many ways. FYI, my kiddos are the children I work with. I don’t have children as of yet.

What will your child or children gain by using this product?

They will gain:

  • The ability to see the color of the product and test out the product
  • A sense of their actual body when using the item
  • The understanding of control over ones actions as he/she is spinning
  • Fine motor skills, if they have difficulty with gripping items, as they have to utilize the handle to spin themselves around
  • Observational skills, as they can see everything that was once still, appear to be in motion

Is it worth it?

YEEEEEEEES!!!! It surely is! It is extremely cheap! There are other products out there much more expensive than this product. It is durable yet very light. It can be used for a child 18 months and older. My kiddo is three now and is still using the one I got for him.

Senses Test

Now, you know… Everything on my page has to be able to be used to stimulate the senses and the exploration of them. Does the Playskool Sit ‘N Spin Toy fit the bill? Yes it does!

Let’s create a scenario…. Let’s say I have a son named James and he is 2 years old and I just got him the gift for his birthday. Let’s say, he is unable to talk and so I have to break everything down for him. I would also have to incorporate how to explore his senses. How would I do that?

  1. The toy is gift wrapped. He would have to remove the wrapping. This would test his strength, all the while giving him the sense of how the paper feels in his hands as he rips it apart.
  2. He would then reveal the Sit ‘N Spin that was underneath it all. Since he is unable to talk, I would describe the item to him while pointing and prompting him to say the color. “Look, James. The bottom is blue and the top is red.”
  3. I would then point at the blue part of the Sit ‘N Spin and say: “Feel it. It’s bumpy”. I would first show him the action and then place his hand on the section that is bumpy if he was unable to understand my instruction.
  4. Then I would have him spin the bottom to find out if it makes a sound.
  5. Lastly, I would have him sit on it while holding on the handle and assist him in spinning if he needed it.

You’ll notice, that I did not add smell in this section as he would not be asked to smell anything.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. If you have a child out there who loves spinning, why not have them engaged in a controlled form of spinning? Let me know if you bought the item. Leave your comments below or share your stories.

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  1. Oh! I remember having one of these as a child! I absolutely loved it and would love to have an adult size one. 🙂

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