The Power Of Comfort Objects


Have you ever been in a situation where you were: anxious, fearful, uneasy, upset, stressed out depressed, or other feelings that can be distressing? I know I have! All of these emotions share many things in common but the one I will be writing about is loss of control.

Seek Control Only To Lose It

I don’t know about you, but every time I try to control where the dishes go in the kitchen, I find them somewhere I did not place them. I could place labels on where things should go in the kitchen, but really all I want if for everyone to know where I want them to go. Just read my mind and do it or better yet, do as I have told you. However, that is not how the world works! People just don’t fall back and obey your every word.

This is true for the younger and older individuals. We all seek control in both the mundane as well as in the most important aspects of our lives. Seeing control at times can lead to more strife. We can not control; what people say about us, do to us when we least expect it, the weather, if we lose our jobs, or even know what tomorrow will bring. We are not gods. What we can control is ourselves to some degree. In a world of uncertainty there are many things one can use to keep themselves at peace. One of those things can be comfort items.

Gaining Your Self Control With Comfort Objects

Many people believe that comfort items should be for children as a coping mechanism. I am here to tell you that we all can reap the benefits of comfort items. So what are they? Well, it’s in the name. It is any item that you find brings comfort to you. It can be your lucky green sock that you must wear to play every soccer game. It can be a stress ball you squeeze from time time time at the office or wherever. It can be ypur favorite CD that brings you back to the good old days. It can be a blanket that your little one wraps themselves in when they a sad or overly excited.

The great thing about these items is that they allow one to relax and seek alternative ways of dealing with emotions. It can be an item of sentimental value or brings emotional comfort.

That old dirty sock can bring you solace during the game and dramatically decrease your anxiety. That Tutu can make you feel like a princess at school and give you that extra boost of confidence. That stress ball can assist you in reducing those negative thoughts of just quiting because you’ve had enough. We are resilient when we aim to reach out greatest self. I am not saying that comfort objects will get you there. I am saying that you have to take control over yourself and sometimes we need help doing that. Always be honest with your feelings and when you can’t figure out a way to express them, just remember there are professionals who can help.

As a closing note. I still have access to a comfort item. It is the bed that I shared with my parents and my sister. We would sleep on that bed up until my mother’s passing when I was 10 years old. I am now 32 years old. I am thankful that my dad had  kept it for so long. To this day, when I lay down on that bed, I remember all the happy memories and the love that she had for us. I remember that I came from love and never to worry or feel that I am not cared for.

Thank you for reading! I want you to know, we all need to find ways to cope, otherwise we lose ourselves in our emotions. Sometimes, that’s part of the journey and other times it’s just drowning. That is when you need someone or people by your side to help you get through it.

Do you have any comfort object or items? What are they? Share your story, if you’re not shy. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.

8 thoughts on “The Power Of Comfort Objects”

  1. Hey Rama,
    Omg so happy someone actually took the time to write about comfort objects! I’m definitely a firm believer of it – everytime I wait for a huge meeting, I usually play with my lego set or some games just building anything that can take my mind off the meeting because the waiting itself can be very nerve-wrecking.

    Some people do think of it as a psychological disorder though but for me, I think it’s not something compulsory that we need to do in order to keep our heads clear. It’s just a medium that we use to cope in order to reduce noises but who am I to say that, eh.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. I absolutely agree with you but when one depends on any particular object, that may be an issue. It can become a crutch. I am not a psychologist; I just want to make that clear. I just know from my background working with people in the human services industry as well as working with people on the autism spectrum, I have seen the impact of comfort objects. 

      I absolutely love Legos and the and the action of putting the pieces together can be very relaxing. 

  2. Hey Rama:

    Thank you for this lovely article. Warm fuzzies all over ya! It is beautiful.

    Comfort objects are a great way to remind ourselves that even though we are really not the General Manager of the Universe, we are loved and we are real.

    For me, the objects that bring me joy are the ones that evoke memories of the wonderful people who have wandered on through my life, the adventures we took, the beautiful things we made together or that they gifted to me.

    These things accumulate and make it really hard to de-clutter the house. (Sigh!) But they also help to keep me strong when things get hairy.

    1. That’s wonderful. I love that! Netta, thank you for sharing!!! Clutter can be one of the issues of holding on to some items. Some people use other rooms to place their comfort items, such as dolls that remind them of their childhood.  Their items would be put on display. Other people without those means or space just part ways with them because they simply don’t need them or ran out of space. 

  3. When my beloved dog passed away last year, I kept her leash at sight together with her urn. She loved her walks in the morning and I really miss those moments. I was heartbroken when she left and held on the leash for a very long time.

    Today, I am more at peace and don’t look at it so often anymore. I think, with time, I am more ready to let go of her physical loss and just cherish the memories we used to have.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I am sorry for you loss. The items may not last long but your memories of her will live on in you. 

  4. Excellent post! In my current day job, I have to attend many teleconferences. I find myself playing with paperclips or doodling when I am waiting for my turn to speak. It seems to take my mind off the fact that I get nervous about having to speak in group settings. Twisting those paperclips in different shapes or doodling always makes those meetings bearable.

    1. Many people struggle with waiting. The more you wait, the more nervous or anxious you get- at least for some. I’m happy to know that you have found a very simple way to cope with waiting, especially when it is to do a speech. As a side note, I was at a singing competition and I was up next. I didn’t have any comfort items, so began to meditate. In life we may not always have access to comfort items and may need to use other strategies.

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